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FINALLY a solution for those who can't use ANY skincare products.

These 3 king oils ARE your SOLUTION to problematic skin, whether its ezcema, pregnancy, acne or just super sensitive, THIS WILL WORK FOR YOU! and will NOT irritate you further, if anyting with the help of all those fatty acids, it will sooth the inflammation.

I challenge you to try this for 30 days, if you still aren't happy, money back guaranteed.

The results speak for themselves 💕

Feeling Free

I thought I would need to 'smooth' over my photos with filters for the rest of my life 😢 , I didn't have the money to go to a skin clinic every 6 weeks nor did I have the time for a 15 step routine. 😴

PLUS all the money 💴 I wasted on products that reacted to my dramatically sensitive skin!

So I made my own 💕


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Skin care created with a purpose


Here you will find hand made/blended/designed/formulated Cosmetics & Candles with a purpose!

The world is opening up & travel is once again an option, but packing space is limited, & skincare shouldn't have to stop when the cocktails start, this is where we come in;

We are

Practical (2 in 1 formulations means less products)

Portable (handbag, carry on, nappy bag - all fits)

Purposeful (All skin types, only essentials)

Productive (Naturally potent enough to get the job done)

Skin care that not only works, is natural & affordable, but also created for all my sensitive gals out there (or guys, my hubby uses it & damn he looks good 😌 ) less wasted product & more room for duty free. Lets go xo

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Pregnancy & Breastfeeding safe

Is it common knowledge that during Pregnancy our skin becomes sensitive.

It is important to use gentle, hydrating, natural ingredients that help to protect our skin but wont negatively affect the baby.

Avoid Vitiman C's, Retinols and Salicylic Acid.

Whilst there are some essentials oils that are not safe during pregnancy, Emily Luise uses only those proven to be safe for both mother and baby.

Remember your skin concerns may change as your hormones do, always listen to your skin and patch test.

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