Why skincare self-care is so important.

Why skincare self-care is so important.

Why skincare self-care is so important.


Every heard the saying “make sure you put your own mask on before helping others”?


This is just as important in life as it is in if you were losing oxygen mid-flight.

As wives, mothers, or merely women in general we tend to always put others needs ahead of our own either intentionally or subconsciously. Perhaps we have convinced ourselves we are fine, or we don’t even take enough time to realise we have forgotten our masks while our oxygen becomes thinner around us.


“I don’t have time for skincare”.

“I don’t need that dress anyway”.

“Getting my nails done is a waste of time and money”.


It’s not about the dress or the nails or even the skincare. It’s about you, it is about taking time for you. Having these things does not make you a narcissist, selfish or entitled. These represent our self-respect, how we view ourselves and what we think we’re worth. It might not be ‘beauty’ related, it could be dancing to music YOU want to listen to, reading a book that isn’t about the 3 little pigs.


Your own oxygen mask is the most important mask. When we help ourselves only then can we be of service to others in a healthy manner.


So, all that deep stuff aside where does Skincare come into the picture?

Skincare is not only about vanity, but also actually just as important as drinking water or eating food. Remember our skin is our largest organ, it is active living tissue. While our outer layers are dead cells, they play an important role of keeping water in and toxins out.

There is also the saying “when you look better, you feel better” I bet you don’t forget to brush your teeth, who wants yellow teeth? Well simple, daily skincare to help protect the barrier is essential to healthy glowing skin, which in turn results in a happier healthier you.


That’s the techy part, emotionally though, the pure act of looking after ourselves this way helps our emotions too. I personally feel better when I get into bed with a clean, fresh glow.


You DO have time and you DO have the money. 5 minutes to cleanse your face and apply a few products will not break the clock or the bank. You just need to want to look after yourself and put yourself first. I can provide you the products and the steps, all you need to do is apply it, and of course # me on socials!!










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