My skin is oily, can I still use the Sweet Dreams Serum? 

- YES!! The Sweet Dreams serum is formulated with dry oils which do not clog the pores, also sometimes your oil skin can be dehydration is disguise, so adding this to your skincare routine and perhaps a humectant like Hyaluronic Acid would be a good idea. 

Your toner wipes have alcohol in them, isn't that bad? 

- Not all alcohols are created equal when it comes to skincare, Emily Luise toner wipes are formulated to get the benefits of Witch Hazel (which contains alcohol due to the way it is extracted) in a tiny amount BUT by also adding Rose Water in to add much needed hydration with extra added benefits of just using Witch Hazel as a toner stand alone. You will not get the 'dry' 'tight' feel you can get with some toners.  

I have eczema prone skin, can I use your shower scrub? 

- Of course! all my products are designed and formulated with sensitive, eczema prone skin in mind, I am a sufferer from both, I have had many customers reach out with problematic skin expressing how happy they are to have found a product that doesn't irritate them. 

Why is the Sweet Dreams Serum the same price as the Hydrate & Shine but in a smaller amount? 

- The Sweet Dreams serum is not just Rosehip which is relatively inexpensive on its own, although we use the entire plant which is higher in Vit A! but also we use the power essential oil of Frankincense which is VERY expensive. The version we use is the pure essential oil from the horn of Africa and only grows there. It's worth it, but it does cost money. 

Are you products safe for pregnancy and nursing? 

- YES!! Absolutely safe for both you and the baby as well as needed due to your skin becoming even more sensitive. 

If you have any questions pls reach out to Contact@emilyluise.com or on my socials. 


From Psoriasis to EL

The REAL results + Feedback

I cannot stand seeing before and afters where the lighting is completed different, the person is wearing make up in the 'after' or it is just plain filtered. 

Below are amazing REAL results. Not professional photos and with natural lighting. 

So much 💕