Is your Clay Mask causing you irritation?

Is your Clay Mask causing you irritation?


A clay mask will feed the skin all the beautiful nutrients during the initial 'wet' stage (just after applying)

once the mask starts to dry & oxidise it is drawing out impurities & bringing extra blood flow to your cells. This is stage 2, when it may be dray around the edges but sticky & tacky in the middle.

Stage 3 is the final stage which is when the mask is completely dry. 

You want to remove your mask during stage 2!!!

If you leave your mask to completely dry you risk stripping your skin of all the wonderful vitamins & drying your skin out too much causing irritation to occur. 

To find out more about Aussie Pink & White Clay & how to use the masking affect of the clay cleanser to maximum benefits check out the blog post in 'Ingredients Explained' 


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