Is your fave beauty product lying to you?

Is your fave beauty product lying to you?

How much have you actually thought about packaging, marketing and the list of ingredients on the back on the bottle? 

Majority see the pretty front label telling us the product is natural or contains Agran oil, but few actually turn the product over to read the entire list of ingredients and/or know much about how it works... if this is you, continue reading.

There is a few things to remember when choosing a beauty product 

- Don't be fooled by product name or label, they are designed to appear interesting and appealing, fancy packaging and clever wording can make you believe the product is something that it actually isn't. 

- Companies use a name or label to highlight ingredients that are sometimes only present at less than 1% making the benefits of the ingredient nullified. 

- The words 'Natural' or 'Organic' gives the consumer the impression the product is made entirely from natural or organic ingredients, not always the case. 



Order of ingredients are listed on the label from greatest amount to least amount present in the product. EXCEPT if the ingredient is present at less than 1%, this can be listed in any order - I know right! 


On close inspection, labels contain similar information, much is a legal requirement, 

  • Brand name 
  • Product type/ purpose and description 
  • Ingredient list 
  • Product weight 
  • Usage / storage directions 
  • contact details 

Ingredients are listed in their INCI "International nomenclature of cosmetic ingredients" which is a naming system based on scientific nomenclature. 

eg - Rose Water ( Rose damascena.Miller.) 

If you don't understand the ingredient name, just do some googling. 


Sometimes, especially online shops or brand websites, not all ingredients are listed, instead they opt for 'key ingredients' or 'active ingredients' and leave the rest out. 

This can look very appealing and short, reality is there is probably 25 other ingredients in there they aren't talking about. 

Eg - 

- likely the present amount of these ingredients are less than 1%. 


Obviously this isn't the case for many beauty brands, especially locally run ones where the founders are still a part of the company. Just be aware moving forward and know what you're paying for. 

If you have any questions at all reach out over Instagram :) 


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