From Candles to Skincare

From Candles to Skincare

All my life I have been obsessed with shiny things, Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe, Mansions, Playboy, American 'Reality TV' like Laguna Beach and The Hills. I was, and in a lot of ways, still am intrigued by the life style of the rich and famous. I have obviously come to realise most of which is show and aside from money luxury, their lives can be just as problematic as us 'normal' folk over here. 

Still, I wanted designer bags and big diamonds, but in my mind that was for 'pretty' people. I wasn't a pretty person, I don't have a nice tan or straight teeth or beautiful pore-less skin. Then I fell pregnant at 20 years old to a guy I met a few times. We struggled with money, I remember being so broke we 'stole' pizza vouchers out of letter boxes. This was my life, that shiny lifestyle was not my place. Oh but how bad I wanted perfect skin, long manicured nails and a Louis Vuitton. 

The past 14 years I have never truely felt like I was in the job or industry for me. I thought acting was my home, I was pretty good at it, but again, I was never going to be the leading lady, I was not pretty enough. I was the 'fat funny friend' even then i was not 'fat' enough, I was stuck in this weird limbo where even American managers said to my acting teachers, "she is good but I wouldn't know what to do with her." That fizzled out but my creative side keeps flaring up, I am not meant for this life, I am meant for something bigger! I am meant to be somebody. 

My skin and especially my face in general has always been something of a love/ hate relationship. I got my teeth fixed and that has definitely helped me smile without being self conscious. I tried fake tan and I was allergic to it, I tried spas and botox, awesome, just don't have the money to go back every 6 weeks. I bought SO many different skincare products to the point where I was even more broke and confused about what I was suppose to use and how I was suppose to become the beauty that was promoting it. Until one day I took my skin into my own hands and began to educate myself. 

The world opened up when the internet came along. Google is a wonderful tool, be careful though because there is a lot of fake shit on there too. I would sit in front my mirror for hours analysing my skin, youtube, google, phone calls, courses to find out what my actual concerns were and how I could actually correct them. For the past 5 years I have curated a skincare routine that has finally worked for me. A lot of trial and error and even now I am growing and learning, we all are. My skin changes month to month, year to year just like everyone else's. 

Great, I have 'fixed' my skin. I dreamt to have my own skincare line but how do you even start? I am a nobody, I am not 'that' girl who everyone wants to be just like so they will buy anything they promote. 

Fast forward and baby Jaxon is born of 2020 - COVID- argh! You would already know the struggle I faced with Perinatal anxiety and the health issues little Jaxon has had, if not you can read about it here.  So Candles were born, because I so desperately wanted my label, and if it couldn't be skincare it would be candles. 

8 months on and I have learnt A LOT! I am a go getter when I set my mind to something and I WILL MAKE IT WORK! Failure is not an option. So after 4 months I burnt out and took the start of 2022 off. I needed to regroup and focus in on what I really wanted and why I was doing this. 

My passion is with skincare, no, I am not 'that' girl, no I am not Kylie Jenner or Miranda Kerr, I am me, I did this for me and I am happy with the results, actually so freaking happy. For the first time in my life I am make up free and loving it. I am educated and know what works. I cut through the marketing BS of the industry. I didn't pay a chemist to make a formula for me and slap my name on it. I worked on the formula's, I tried and tested the formulas and look at the results. 

I will not piss in your pocket or market you something that is not right, I believe in Karma and don't need it biting me in the butt! I want to help you educate yourself and finally get some results that are realistic to what can be done both topically and affordability wise. 

I am excited to unleash the girl I was too scared to admit I was because I wasn't 'good' enough or 'pretty' enough. I am excited to bring you all along for the ride, it will be bumpy, just warning you! sometimes I am unpredictable. Let's learn and overcome together xoxo I am unfiltered, I have pores, a big nose, I am me and that's enough! 


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