Aussie Pink & White Clay

Aussie Pink & White Clay


Aussie pink clay is the combination of white gentle kaolin clay & pore-unclogging red kaolin clay. Putting the two together allows for a wonderful mild combination of both clays to create a product suitable to sensitive & eczema prone skin. 

White clay is mainly made up of a type of mineral called 'kaolinite', it is also rich in Silica dioxide & Ph neutral. 

Pink clay (being the combination) contains silica, magnesium, selenium and zinc.

The white clay works at evening out the skin tone & pore visibility, drawing out dirt & oil removing dead skin-cells, while the pink clay will help with fine lines & pigmentation. Working to refresh & regenerate the skin resulting in greater collagen production. 

So what does silica, magnesium, selenium & zinc mean for the skin? 

Silica - Help produce collagen, which helps keep your skin firm & reduces the appearance of fine lines. 

magnesium - Is an essential to support DNA repair & replication. This helps keep your skin 'glowy' 

Selenium - Is a mineral that helps certain antioxidants protect your skin from UV rays & has been linked to preventing skin cancer. It fights free radicals & minimises skin damage 

Zinc - Helps the skin heal after injury, it has anti-inflammatory properties & helps clear the bacteria that causes acne. 

Clay cleansers/masks absorb the sebum & bacteria that has been drawn out of your pores. 

For those of your with dry or sensitive skin you should mask 1 to 2 times a week & use it purely as a cleanser every day. 

How to MASK properly 

When you apply a clay mask there are 3 different stages that occur, the initial 'wet' stage is right after applying, this is when your skin is absorbing all the wonderful properties found in the cleanser, stage 2 is as it starts to dry & oxidise it will draw out the toxins & bring extra blood flow to the cells. The final stage is when it has completely dried. 

You want to remove your mask with a warm damp sponge at stage 2, as the mask is tacky & not dry all the way. Gently rub off the mask in a circular motion. Your skin may be a little red at this point from the extra blood flow & oxygen in your cells. 

If you leave your mask on too long (more than a few minutes) you run the risk of stripping your skin, drying it out & causing irritation. 

Once the mask is off you can then go in with your toner wipes & serums. 

Being that a clay mask is only on for a few minutes it makes a great routine for time poor users. 

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